Medics Camp is a fun place where kids ages 5-12, that are intellectually curious, creative and enjoy learning get to be “doctors for a week”. This unique STEM camp immerses kids in the world of medicine, ignites their curiosity and gets them excited about science. Each camp day has at least two medical related themes upon which age appropriate activities, experiments and games are delivered in a fun, educational and creative way.  2020 will be our 4th camp season and we're excited to introduce our new Leaders in Training (LIT) program for youth ages 13-15 and the launch of Medics Camp-Explore! at our Newmarket and Richmond Hill locations.  Our original Medics Camp is called "Discover" and our latest version of Medics Camp with all new themes, activities, experiments and games for each age group is called "Explore".  There is no particular sequencing, kids can take Discover or Explore in any order.  Now kids can enjoy Medics Camp each summer either by registering for a new version of camp or by moving up to the next age group.  

Amanda Farris, Director and Founder

Amanda Farris is the director and founder of Medics Camp.  Amanda worked in hospitals and clinical settings for over 8 years and has degrees in environmental medicine, health science, and holds an MBA in technology management.  She also has taken graduate level courses at Johns Hopkins University in health policy and healthcare informatics.


When camp is not in session, Amanda owns and operates HELPgta, a Red Cross training partner.  She teaches First Aid & CPR onsite at workplaces and to sports teams, coaches and community groups as well as youth courses such as babysitting and home alone.  She has previously taught workshops for Scientists in School and has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare field. Amanda loves sharing her passion for science and medicine by providing children with a unique camp experience that is fun, engaging and educational. 

Call Us: 647-428-0004  |   info@HELPgta.com   |  Newmarket, Ontario Canada

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