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Frequently asked questions

Are Medics Camp weeks all different?

Yes. Each week has different medical themes and associated activities. If you attended Medics Camp in the past and aren't sure which virtual camp(s) your child has already attended, you can login to the registration system http://medicscamp.campbrainregistration.com and check or contact us and we are happy to assist with recommendations.

What theme will the onsite camp in Aurora be?

in 2021 we will be delivering our original "Discover" version of Medics Camp at Kids Cuckoo's Nest in Aurora, ON At Medics Camp-Discover, kids will learn about doctors and what they do. They'll take vital signs with real medical equipment. They'll explore the cardiovascular system and make clay hearts. They'll learn about germs. Yes, we know they probably know more about germs than we ever expected but at Medics Camp they'll take it to the next level. They will hunt for germs, see what a virus looks like under a microscope, and test their handwashing skills. They'll learn about the skeletal system, view x-rays and apply a splint to their own finger. They'll learn about the human brain and play some fun brain games. Friday is always first aid so they will learn some basic skills that can build the foundation for a future in medicine or just enable them to help others who are ill or injured. They will have fun making new friends and enjoy just being kids.

Are there any prerequisites for camp sessions?

None. Each camp is designed to be stand alone. Kids can register for week 2 for example without having joined us for week 1.

I work at home, will my 5 year old be able to attend virtual Medics Camp on their own?

Yes, that's the goal. Our virtual program hands-on activities are designed to promote independence. We want to make it easy for even our youngest campers to attend camp without assistance. If there is an activity or craft that isn't able to be finished during our zoom clinic session then kids are encouraged to finish them later (with help if needed) and then bring them to camp the next morning for "show and share".

How do we get our materials kit?

If you are unable to pick up your camp materials kit at our curbside location in Newmarket you can choose the shipping option when you register. The priority shipping fee is $20 CAD per camp week. If you live outside of Canada, we can ship to you too, just make sure you register at least 3-4 weeks prior to your camp session and we'll contact you if international shipping costs exceed $20.

What is Virtual Medics Camp ?

Great question! If this were a science experiment it might look like this.
Science + Technology + Medical Theme Activities + Creativity + Socializing (Together from a Distance) + FUN!
Our virtual Medics Camp is NOT school. Just like our traditional camps that were physically located at schools weren't school. If your child has a device that connects them to the internet, get ready to turn on the siren and flashing red lights. Kids will be transported to the Medics Camp virtual clinic where they will be doctors for a week

What platform do you use?

This is an instructor led Zoom session that will deliver the Medics Camp program in a fun, engaging and interactive way. Enjoy our unique camp experience from the comfort and convenience of home-even if home is far away!

Are you international?

Medics will have fun with like minded peers from around the world. At our virtual camp last summer we had kids from across Canada, the U.S., Mexico and even Cuba!

How is virtual Medics Camp Different from onsite Medics Camp?

Virtual Medics Camp was inspired by many of the medical themes we deliver in our onsite camps (Discover and Explore). A few of the hands-on activities used in Discover and Explore are included in some virtual camp weeks, but many of them didn't translate well to a virtual platform so we found new ones! Creating the 8 different virtual Medics Camp programs has brought more technology into our STEM camp and we've found some really cool experiments and activities to do even when we're not in the same physical space. We are so excited about our virtual camps and the positive feedback we received from those who attended in 2020 that we intend on offering both onsite and virtual in the years ahead.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes. We offer a sibling discount which is automatically applied when you register.

How much are shipping fees for material kits?

Material kits are required for each week of Medics Camp. If you live near Newmarket, ON you can choose free curbside pickup when you register. If you live further away or simply prefer that your kit(s) be delivered, we are pleased to announce a shipping fee policy change. We have been able to find less expensive shipping and delivery options that we feel still ensure timely arrival of your kits and are passing the savings on to you. As of May 1st, if you choose "shipping" as your option you will be charged $20 per camper not $20 per camp week as was our previous policy. Our system is still being updated to calculate this change so if you register after May 1st for more than one camp week, simply choose "shipping" as your option for the first camp week and all subsequent camp weeks choose "curbside". That way we know to ship all kits but you only get charged $20 per camper for all registered sessions. We expect the system to be updated in a few days but this work around will make sure you get charged the correct shipping fee.

Do you ship outside of Canada

Yes! We welcome campers from outside of Canada. You will be charged $20 CAD per camper when you register and if shipping fees exceed that amount we will let you know prior to shipping. Please make sure you register for camp sessions at least 30 days prior to the start date to ensure we can get the material kit to you in time and at an affordable price. If you have questions or concerns about shipping prior to registering, feel free to email us at minimedics@helpgta.com