Junior Medics 

Ages 10-12

Meet the Junior Medics! These bright young minds will deep dive into the world of medical science based on the daily theme(s).  If your future medical professional or science lover is looking for a unique camp experience that challenges them, this is it!  Our Junior Medics will learn things often not taught until high school but in fun and creative ways so it never feels like school. 


We take the Hippocratic oath “first, do no harm”  seriously so it's important that campers in this age group be able to follow instructions as they participate in more complex experiments and activities like extracting DNA, performing surgery on a banana and using real medical equipment to take vital signs and perform CPR.  

One of the other great things about Medics Camp that we see are the friendships that are made.  Like minded youth register for Medics Camp and find they have many common interests.  Most activities and experiments are done in groups so by day 2 or 3 it's really amazing to see how quickly everyone starts to gel as a team.  Thanks to technology and social media, the friendships made at Medics Camp can live on and now with version 2 of Medics Camp launching in 2020 in some locations, the friends can return for another unique camp experience with all new themes, activities and experiments or if they're 13+ the fun can continue with our new elite Medics LIT program for youth ages 13-16.  


Check out our pictures of past Metics

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