NEW! Medics LIT/CIT Program

Ages 13-15

Early Bird Price-$250+hst

Introducing the latest addition to the Medics Camp family, our Leaders in Training (LIT) program .  This elite group of bright, confident and aspiring leaders will be guided by our Medics Camp founder and first aid instructor, Amanda Farris.  Inspired by last summer's amazing camp counsellors and volunteers as well as some of our older Jr. Medics who wanted to return but would be too old to come back the next summer as campers. 


As with all things Medics Camp, we didn't want our LIT program to be ordinary.  It had to provide a unique experience unlike other LIT programs.  In order to deliver such a unique experience participants must already have demonstrated qualities of a leader either at school or in their community.  Leaders lead others, they know how to work within a team environment, they have excellent communication skills and they are confident making the sometimes tough decisions.  In order for our Medics Camp leaders to get the most out of their experience with us, we are only accepting 18 participants each camp week.  Currently, youth are asked to pre-screen themselves using the questionnaire at the bottom of this page to determine if this program is right for them before registering.

Program Highlights- LITs will:

  • Prior to attending the first day of camp, LITs must complete an online Red Cross Standard First Aid & CPR course.  As part of the LIT program, participants will be eligible to obtain Standard First Aid & CPR-C certification (normally a $100+ course) if they complete the online course pre-requisite, successfully demonstrate the required skills and pass the final written exam that will be given on Friday afternoon.  Note: Some of the skills required for certification, namely CPR, require that an individual be physically strong enough to provide compression depth to at least 5 cm.  For some youth, this may not be possible.  You are still welcome and encouraged to register for the program.  The skills you will learn are still valuable and you can still help people.  Anyone who is unable to satisfy the requirements for certification in Standard First Aid & CPR will still receive a Red Cross course participation letter.

  • Engage in team building activities that build confidence, improve decision making skills and  strengthen leadership qualities.

  • Practice their leadership skills in the classroom and outside during breaks as they lead, manage and safely oversee younger children at Medics Camp.  One of the primary roles of a First Aider is to protect yourself and others.  LIT Medics will be taught to predict and prevent common accidents through observation and awareness.

  • As part of their first aid training, LITs will learn how to recognize an illness and injury requiring advance medical care and how to care for minor medical emergencies at home or in their community.  First Aid emergencies require strong leadership. 

  • Learn some cool science.  It's Medics Camp after all!  In addition to assisting with some of the experiments in the younger camp groups, LITs will have an opportunity to participate in an animal heart dissection experiment so that they can better understand this amazing life sustaining organ. 

  • Have fun with like minded peers.

  • Gain valuable leadership and first aid skills that will become life skills for their future.

  • Receive a Medics Camp LIT graduation certificate upon completion of the program.

The LIT/CIT Program Includes:

  • Standard First Aid & CPR-C Training (*certification)

  • Red Cross First Aid Book

  • LIT Medics Camp T-Shirt

  • Medics Camp Bag

  • First Aid Kit with Mask

  • Whistle with Lanyard

  • Notebook and Pen

  • Free Pizza Slice on Friday

  • Free Early Drop-Off and Late Pick-Up

Is the LIT program a good fit for me?

Questions for youth to ask themselves before registering.


Approximately 3 weeks before your first day of Medics Camp LIT program you will be emailed a link to an online First Aid Course which must be completed prior to the start of camp in order to be eligible for First Aid certification.  How likely are you to complete this task?


Extremely Likely-10 points

Very Likely-5 points

Somewhat Likely-3 points

Unlikely-1 point


Leadership Experience


As a teenager you may not think you have much leadership experience but you may be surprised by your own accomplishments.  Give yourself 10 points for each activity or experience listed below that you have participated or had experience with.


  • Cadets

  • Scouts/Guides

  • Life Guard/bronze cross/medallion/star

  • Certified in High Five

  • Certified in First Aid/CPR

  • Camp counselor

  • Volunteer with a youth sport or activity

  • Peer mentor or tutor

  • Has done fundraising on behalf of a charity (JDRF, Terry Fox, Me to We, Human Society, Food Bank etc.)

  • Leader in a church or community organization

  • Has taken the babysitting course

  • Has been a lunch monitor

  • Has at least 2 younger siblings

  • Has a pet they are responsible to care for

  • Has been a babysitter, house sitter or pet sitter

  • Other (something not listed that demonstrates leadership qualities or experience)

Leading Younger Children

As part of the Medics Camp LIT program you'll be role model for the younger children and will play an active role in creating a positive camp experience for them. How comfortable are you working with younger children?

Extremely comfortable-5 points

Very comfortable-4 points

Somewhat comfortable-3 points

Not comfortable-1 point

Which of the following statements best describes how you feel about science and the medical field?

a) I love science and I'm interested in a possible career in medicine-10 points

b) I like science and find most of it interesting-5 points

c) It's not really my favourite but I'm open to learning new things-5 points

d) I think all science is kind of boring.  I'd rather be playing sports-1 point

Tally up your points.  If you scored less than 20 points our LIT program may not be a good fit for you.  If you're ready take your leadership skills to the next level, click here.


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