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Welcome and Welcome Back!  If your child attended camp with us last summer, you can login to the parent portal with the same user name and password as last year.  If you forgot your password, don't worry, you can reset it.  If you are new to our camp brain registration system you'll be asked to create an account when you register.  The new system enables families to easily register for multiple weeks, automatically applies the sibling discount for 2 or more children and you can print off your Medics Camp schedule and tax receipt from the parent portal whenever you need it.

Virtual Half Day Sessions 

Choose Mornings 10am-12pm or Afternoons 1pm-3pm (same themes)

Early Bird Price January 1st-March 31st $99+HST The regular price is $119+HST

Each Medic will receive a weekly theme based material kit for our hands-on instructor led activities on Zoom.  We offer curbside pickup for your kits in Newmarket (approx. 45 mins from Toronto) or paid flat rate shipping within Canada.  If you live outside of Canada and your shipping costs are expected to exceed $20 we'll contact you with a quote prior to shipping.  

Registration Deadlines:  In order to ensure enough time for packaging and delivery of your child's camp materials kit, you must register by the deadline shown below for each camp week.  This will ensure plenty of time for delivery within Canada.  If you live in the US, please register at least 2 weeks earlier then the deadline shown below. Medics Camp is not responsible for shipping delays or missing parcels.  We will provide you with a tracking number and if there is an issue, we'll contact the carrier to help you resolve the issue.  

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Week 1-July 5-9

Discover the world of germs, diseases and how they're spread.  Are all germs harmful?  Are you a handwashing expert? Let’s find out!  What is a cell? How do germs make us sick?  How do immunizations keep us healthy?  What are allergies and why do some people need to carry epi pens?  DNA-it’s the unique blueprint that makes you-you but how much of that blueprint was used to make a mouse, chimpanzee or even your best friend?  You may have a lot more in common than you realize!  

Registration Deadline: 

June 15th

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Week 2-July 12-16

Take a deep breath and exhale.  What just happened?  This week we'll be exploring the respiratory system, speech and oral health.  How do our lungs work as part of the circulatory system?  What is asthma?  What impact do habits like smoking and vaping have on lungs?  Can good posture help you breathe better?  What is the difference between mild choking and severe choking?  First Aid Friday will teach you how to help someone who is choking and much more!

Registration Deadline:

June 18th

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Week 3- July 19-23

Take a journey into the cardiovascular system and discover how an organ slightly larger than your fist keeps you alive.  How do we keep our hearts healthy and what conditions can occur if we don’t take care of our heart?  What is blood and where does it come from?  Be positive-it’s not just a state of mind.  What are blood types?  Why don’t we lose all of our blood when we get a cut?  What is cardiopulmonary resuscitation?  First Aid Friday this week will include CPR, wound care and more!

Registration Deadline:

June 28th

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Week 4-July 26-30

Explore the world of health.  Medics will learn about the brain, how it works and how we keep it healthy.  What are reflexes and how do these simple circuits in the nervous system work? How does what we eat give our bodies the fuel it needs to run?  Pet lovers and future veterinarians will enjoy learning about pet health and we always end the week with First Aid Friday and graduation.

Registration Deadline: 

July 2nd

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Week 5-August 9-13

Discover what holds you up, enables you to move and provides protection for vital organs.  This week we'll look at the skeletal system along with muscles and the largest organ in your body-skin.  Why do babies have more bones than adults?  View an x-ray and see if you can find the fracture.  What are muscles and how do they work with our bones to enable us to stretch, lift, jump, dance and run?  Do we shed our skin like a snake?  What are stitches and when are they needed?  Safely practice your surgical skills this week with one of our activities.  

Registration Deadline:

July 9th

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Week 6-August 16-20

This week we'll travel through the body to explore what happens to the food we eat. Poop happens, but why?  Does asparagus make your urine smell weird?  Which organ in our body has over 500 different functions, is bigger in size than the brain and can even regenerate itself?  How does our gut health influence our overall health?  What is scatology?  Can you live with only one kidney?  Do all animals fart?  What is  borborygmi anyway?

Registration Deadline:

July 23rd

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Forensic Medicine

Week 7-August 23-27

Junior Medics will journey into a different area of medicine where doctors and scientists specialize in how a person died or was injured. This highly specialized field of professionals  work very closely with law enforcement and use their medical knowledge and expertise to establish facts in civil or criminal cases that can bring criminals to justice. Think of them as doctor detectives!  Medics CSU (criminal science unit) will explore forensic pathology, odontology (teeth), entomology (insects), anthropology (bones) as well as DNA, blood basics and dactyloscopy (fingerprints).  If your future medic or scientist is up for a challenge, they won’t want to miss the newest edition to the Medics Camp line up and it’s only available for kids ages 9-13. 

Registration Deadline:

July 30th

NEW Cancellation Policies


We understand the plans may change and you may need to cancel or change your child's camp registration.  We are pleased to provide the following refund policies for both our virtual and onsite 2021 camps:

  • Cancellations made before April 15th will be refunded at 100%

  • Cancellations made between April 15 and May 15th will be refunded at 50% of the registration fee.

  • No refunds are available after May15th BUT you may request a one time transfer to another camp session that works better with your schedule.  You may request to transfer it to a sibling or friend provided space is available.  The request for a change must be made in writing at least 30 days prior to your camp session.  A material kit replacement fee of $20 may apply in some situations.

  • Shipping fee refunds are available if you cancel a registration at least 30 days prior to the session start date or if you notify us at least 30 days prior that you'd prefer to pick up curbside.

  • There are no refunds on missed camp day sessions.

  • Any requests for cancellation or transfer must be made in writing to

Onsite Camp Notice:  If for some reason we are unable to operate or need to cancel our onsite camp in Aurora the week of August 23-27 those registered for that camp will be contacted and a full refund will be provided. 



Q: Are the camp weeks all different?

A: Yes. Each week has different medical themes and associated activities.  If you attended Medics Camp in the past and aren't sure which virtual camp(s) your child has already attended, you can login to the registration system and check or contact us and we are happy to assist with recommendations.


Q: What theme will the onsite camp in Aurora be?

A:  It will be a blend of many of our virtual camp themes but with different activities, experiments, games and crafts.  Being in the same room for camp means we can use more of our traditional Medics Camp equipment and materials so even though your child may have attended "Kardia" last summer for example, we will be doing different activities related to the heart at our onsite camp.


Q:  Are there any prerequisites for camp sessions?

A:  None. Each camp is designed to be stand alone.  Kids can register for week 2 for example without having joined us for week 1.  

Q:  I work at home, will my 5 year old be able to attend camp on their own?

A:  Yes, that's the goal.  Our virtual program hands-on activities are designed to promote independence.  We want to make it easy for even our youngest campers to attend camp without assistance.  If there is an activity or craft that isn't able to be finished during our zoom clinic session then kids are encouraged to finish them later (with help if needed) and then bring them to camp the next morning for "show and share". 

Q:  How do we get our materials kit?

A:  If you are unable to pick up your camp materials kit at our curbside location in Newmarket you can choose the shipping option when you register.  The fee is a flat $20 per camper per week anywhere in Canada.  If you live outside of Canada, we can ship to you too, just make sure you register at least 3-4 weeks prior to your camp session and we'll contact you if international shipping costs exceed $20.

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*By registering your child for Medics Camp, you are acknowledging that you have both read and agree to our camp policies