We are excited to announce the launch of Virtual Medics Camp! 

Is there a doctor in the house?   

Our new virtual camp will bring the fun and world of medical science to your future doctor or medical professional with the use of technology, engaging activities and an amazing team of instructors, counsellors and volunteers.  Whether your child is interested in our half day or full day program, they will feel like they are at camp.  Don't forget to pack their snacks and doctor bag of basic supplies.  Enjoy spirit week daily themes like "mad scientist", "bed ridden patient" and "time travel".


Parents will sign their Medics in each morning to our Zoom medical clinic and kiss them goodbye for a few hours as they continue to work from home or just enjoy some time to themselves.  During clinic hours, campers will enjoy interactive instructor lead sessions that relate to a daily medical theme.  Counsellors will assist in activities and team based games just like our traditional camp.  Making friends is an important part of any camp so Medics are expected to have their cameras on.  Don't worry if your child has a messy room, we'll provide you with a Medics Camp Zoom background if your computer supports it. If your computer doesn't support it,  that's okay too, we all know great minds are often messy, so just go with it.  

Here's what a typical Medics Camp Day looks like:

9:30am: Medics can do the “morning warm up” that will be in their materials kit before sign-in in to Zoom Camp

9:45-10am: Kids sign-in to camp where they will be greeted by a Medics Camp team member and engaged in an activity until all the campers for their group arrive.

10am-10:45am: Instructor lead session on the theme of the day (just like at our traditional camp)

10:45-11am:  BREAK  Kids and eat their snack, use the washroom and then return for the next part of the session

11am-12pm: Instructor lead session on the theme of the day. 



12-1pm:  Full day session campers are invited to have lunch together in the Doctor’s Lounge (just like our traditional camp).  At about 12:30 when everyone is finished eating, there will be a move and groove session.  It could be Yoga, Hip Hop, Fitness, Tai Chi etc. there will be a different activity each day.  We want kids to be active and have fun just like our traditional camp.  If they prefer to spend their lunch hour with family or want to run around their backyard and do their own thing, that’s total fine too. They just need to be back at 1pm for the afternoon session.  Our full day campers will have more medical theme related activities in the afternoon that build upon what they learned in the morning or a related theme.

1pm-1:45: Instructor lead session on the theme of the day

1:45pm-2pm: BREAK  Kids and eat their snack, use the washroom and then return for the next part of the session

2pm-3pm: Instructor lead session on the theme of the day.

3pm: End of Camp Day

What happens during the instructor lead sessions?  Demonstrations by the instructor or a team member, interactive games with counsellors and other campers (just like traditional camp), experiments and crafts.  Depending on the nature of the experiment, activity or craft, campers may watch how to do it during their clinic hours (online session)  and then complete it on their own, away from their computer.  Some of the things we do at Medics Camp can get a little messy and we don’t want any spills or sticky fingers damaging computers.  There will be written instructions for anything that would be done outside of the clinic hours (aka Zoom) so that parents or older siblings could help. In the morning campers can show and tell the group about their results.

Material Kits:  These are the same type of materials kids would have been using for our traditional onsite camp.  They are primarily disposable items used for activities, experiments, crafts and games.  Kits can be picked up curbside in Newmarket or there is a paid delivery option for those who are out of town or out of province.

We are excited to offer a virtual Medics Camp experience and look forward to a fun week of science based camp with your child.  We hope this is just a first step in their medical journey!

Registration is now OPEN!

Check out our video to see some of what Medics Camp has to offer.

Please note that our online camp has been modified.

Medics Camp Online


July 6-10


July 13-17


July 20-24

WEEk 4 

July 27-31


Aug 10-14


August 17-21


August 24-28

Who Are The Medics?

More Medics Camp! We've created 7 weeks of online medics camp programming.  Each week offers different medical based themes, activities, experiments, games and crafts.  

Munchkin Medics

Munchkins Medics are already showing an interest in learning.  The are inquisitive and like to ask lots of questions.  They will follow our daily medical science themes with age appropriate activities, games and crafts.

Mini Medics

Mini Medics are kids who are intellectually curious and eager to learn about science, medicine and the human body through experiments, activities, crafts and games.

Junior Medics

Junior Medics are bright, focused and interested in medical science and how the human body works.  They are mature and ready for the challenge of more advanced experiments and activities.

Please note that due to COVID-19 and the cancellation of our onsite camps we are unable to offer the LIT program in 2020.
Volunteers Wanted:  We are looking for a few amazing youth volunteers to join our team and help with our online camp.  If you're 13+ and enjoy leading groups of younger kids in team based games, enjoy science and like to have fun, we want you to be part of the Medics Camp team!  Click the link below to apply.

NEW - Medics LIT

Medics LIT are our leaders in training.  These bright energetic youth already have demonstrated leadership skills at school or in their community and want to take leadership to the next level.  They will participate in a Red Cross Standard First Aid & CPR-C certification course as part of their Medics camp experience.  They will have fun with like minded peers as they develop leadership skills that will help them be successful in both a camp setting and in life.  

Call Us: 647-428-0004  |   info@HELPgta.com   |  Newmarket, Ontario Canada

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